Automated hydrometeorological station (the project)

Gaysky V.A., Gaysky P.V., Grekov N.A., Penkov M.N., Trofimenko V.A.

     The hydrometeorological service of Ukraine has 370 active hydrometeological posts on land waters. Now the level of their technical equipment and observations does not meet modern requirements. The analysis shows that the world does not have ready-made technical solutions of acceptable cost for Ukraine for equipping posts. For this reason, Goskomgidromet announced a tender for the implementation of the ROC for the development of an automated hydrometeorological post (AGMP).

     This paper summarizes the essence of the proposal of the Department of automation of Oceanographic research of the Moscow state University of NASU in the framework of this tender.

     Since, as is known, “a correctly formulated problem contains all the prerequisites for its successful solution”, and the technical requirements for the ROC are formulated in the explanatory note of V. A. Trofimenko to the letter of the state Committee for Hydrometeorology about the tender, this was the basis for including it in the authors of this work.

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