Environmental monitoring systems operational characteristics functional stability ensuring characterized by an arbitrary input data stream

A. V. Skatkov, l.A. Balakireva

Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education «Sevastopol State University»,

Russian Federation, Sevastopol, Universitetskaya St., 33

E-mail: itiks@xevsu.ru

DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2017-2-47-54

UDC 658.012:681.324


   The problem of environmental monitoring systems functional stability is discussed. This paper proposes an approach for solving the problem of monitoring systems functional stability based on the system ma- jorization model characterized by arbitrary input data stream. The decision of system functional stability estimation problem based on the system load balancing indicator is resulted. The results of probabilistic modeling are discussed.

Keywords: monitoring system, functional stability, system load balancing, majorization model, probabilistic modeling.

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