Article 28-10

DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2017-2-74-78

УДК 502/504; 574


B. Z. Mavashev

Center of Science and Education of repatriate. The Historical Nature Museum, Mohliver St., 6, Jerusalem, Israel

In the light of global climate change, the article examines the relationship between the formation of a hurricane “Matthew” and earthquakes. The human and natural factors increasingly affect the weather, the climate is changing for the better. According to the World Meteorological Centre in 2016 broke a new record for raising the level of concentration of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – 400 ppm. Satellite observations in the current year showed a record reduction of the ice cover in the Arctic. The cause of climate change lies not only in record levels of greenhouse gases, but – and natural factors, including seismic-tectonic activity on the planet.

Keywords: hurricane, global warming, climate change, greenhouse gases, earthquake.

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