Dynamics of function systematic criterias in Sochi’s coastal ecosystems

V.G. Scherbinа

Sochi branch of Institute of Natural and Technical Systems,

Russian Federation, Sochi, Kurortny prospect, 99/18

E-mail: v.g.scherbma@blc.ru

DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2017-2-101-109

UDC 574.474:504.73/.74


   The analysis of the time dynamics since 2008, the system of indicators in the mountains, foothill and coastal ecosystems on Sochi’s coastal line in the area of major investment projects implementation. Obtained extrapolation forecasts of the complete fulfillment species dynamics, species capacity and species fund.

Keywords: sochi’s coastal line, ecosystems, temporal dynamics, species complete fulfillment, species capacity, species fund.

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