Analysis of possibilities of underground water application of Crimea or recycling water supply of enterprises of the region

Kucherik G.V., Omelchuk Yu.А.

Sevastopol state University

33 Universitetskaya str., Sevastopol, Russian Federation


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2018-1-133-139

UDC 66.013.7:628.1


   Thesis is devoted to the study of ion exchange softening and demineralization of water for water circulated heat exchange systems, processing and disposal of the resulting eluates. Determined dependency of the parameters of water treated by the anion on its salt content, hardness, shape used anion exchange. Shown that the efficiency of the water softening, its purification from chlorides and sulphates increases when there is an equivalent ratio between the ions in solution and stiffness anions of strong acids at high carbonate alkalinity. Determined the effective ratio of the purified by the anion solution to the initial one for reduction of the salinity and hardness of mine water to acceptable values. Developed basic flow diagram of purification of water with high salinity from the chlorides and sulphates with simultaneous softening of water.

Keywords: demineralization, ion exchange, softening, regenerant solution, sulfates, chlorides, electrodialysis, electrolytic cell.

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