Results of trial operation of the experimental bioelectronic complex “Biopost”

P.V. Gaisky, A.V. Shlik

Institute of  Natural and Technical Systems, Russian Federation, Sevastopol, Lenin St., 28


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2018-4-6-16

UDC 628.1


   Results of the continuous 2-year-old trial operation of the experimental bioelectronic complex “Biopost” installed on the system of a water intake of Sevastopol (the 14th water-engineering system, the Black river) and the accompanying experiments with freshwater clams are analyzed. Reaction of the bioindicators (freshwater clams – Unio pictorum) used in a complex as biosensors to changes of natural nature indexes is described. Experience of the pilot studies and tests of bioelectronic meters on the system of a water intake is generalized. The possibility of realization of the proposed bioelectronic method for creating systems of operating automated bioelectronic control over poisoning pollution on freshwater sources and points of  water intake is estimated. The main criteria of the program algorithms of the automated system are: group protective reaction (collapse of foldings) at emergence of the sudden menacing factors, violation of daily cycles of activity at emergence of the chronic long-term menacing influences and disclosure of shutters of mollusks at a lethal outcome.

   By the results of the carried-out tests the conclusion was drawn that clams (Unio pictorum) can be quite used as bioindicators on the protected points of freshwater sources and  water intake for the continuous operating control over the poisoning pollution without upkeeping of the submersible module of the described configuration for 1 year, while the nature of dynamics of folding activity of  Unio pictorum allows to develop and use the program algorithms of the automatic operational analysis and identification of unnatural factors of change of aqueous medium, including the poisoning pollution.

Keywords: bioelectronic complex, clams,  perlovitsa,  environmental control,  water resources, poisoning pollution, biosensor, freshwater source.

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