On the feasibility of introduction of gas chromatography in the system of ecological monitoring of atmospheric air in St. Petersburg

 M.V. Volkodaeva1, V.A. Kuznetsov1, A.V. Kiselev2

1 Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Vasilevskyostrov, 21st Line, 2

E-mail: m.volkodaeva@yandex.ru, 19vlad9494@mail.ru

2 North-western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov, Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Kirochnaya St., 41

Email: Anatolii.Kiselev@szgmu.ru

DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2019-1-14-22

UDC 504.064  


   The article describes the method of gas chromatography, which is planned to be implemented in the environmental monitoring system of St. Petersburg. Characteristics of pollution of free air were calculated. Data of monitoring do not allow estimating the content of foul-smelling substances in the air.

   Often complaints of the population about unpleasant smell often arise even in case of no excess of threshold permissible concentrations of the pollutants established in normative documents. The description of the method of gas chromatography which is planned to be introduced in the system of environmental monitoring of St. Petersburg for determining concentration of organic matters is given ns.  Concentration values of benzene, a toluene, ethyl benzene, isomers of xylol and phenol obtained during the experiment made in 2018 at parallel measurements of concentration of above-mentioned substances at the stationary station of monitoring and mobile laboratory located near an estimated source of emissions are presented. Offers on expansion of monitoring of organic matters with using the method of gas chromatography, introduction of the automated systems of the continuous measurement of the content of organic matters, development new and revision of the existing measurement methods, including correctness of the applied ways of averaging and also to perfecting  remote control of devices are made.

Keywords: air monitoring, smell, chromatography, measurements, organic compounds, mobile laboratory.

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