Mechatronic system of buoyancy control of a sea autonomous profiler

L.A. Krasnodubets1,2,  L.N. Kanov1

1Sevastopol State University, Russian Federation, Sevastopol, Universitetskaya St., 33

2Institute of Natural end Technical Systems, Russian Federation, Sevastopol, Lenin St., 28


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2019-1-35-40

UDK 681.51 


   The results of computer simulation aimed at comparative analysis of electro-drives of translational action as mechatronic systems designed to control the buoyancy of an autonomous marine profiler that performs thermohaline measurements under conditions of strong stratification of seawater are presented. The functional diagram of the mechatronic system under investigation corresponds to a reversible tracking electric drive designed to perform linear movement of a rigid rod with high accuracy and speed that ensures the change in the volume of the buoyancy chamber of the profiler in accordance with the control signal from the control system of the profile measurements. Three variants of a servo drive based on a permanent magnet synchronous machine, an asynchronous machine with a short-circuited rotor, and a direct current machine with independent excitation were investigated. The mathematical description of the control processes of a synchronous and asynchronous motor is given in brief form and corresponds to the basic principles of frequency and vector control. The main criterion is the ability of an autonomous electric drive to reproduce high-dynamic buoyancy control signals while limiting useful power, light weight and overall dimensions. The results obtained are consistent with the current trend in the development of special high-dynamic autonomous electric actuators of translational motion based on synchronous machines with permanent magnets.

Keywords: mechatronic system, sea profiler, buoyancy control, electric motor, electric drive, roller-screw transmission, mathematical model.

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