L.R. Grigoryan, N.M. Bogatov, A.L. Grigoryan, V.V. Anisimova

 Kuban State University, Russian Federation, Krasnodar, Stavropolskaja St., 149


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2019-2-5-12

UDK 550.34


     The article discusses the practice of constructing recorders of geophysical signals, with the emphasis being made on finding the optimal structure. In general case it is finding autonomous recorders of geophysical signals, taking into account synchronization of the measuring processes occurring in them and the methods of linking them to a single time scale. The most significant results of the conducted circuit studies are:

     1) the solution of the task of creating a single time scale is expedient on the basis of a Glonass / GPS receiver, which made it possible to fully synchronize all the processes of multi-channel data reception, their digitization, recording and linking to a single time scale;

     2) the use of two-channel ADC with the ability to work in alternating cyclic mode with each of the channels allows to solve the problem of the absence of data skipping during the moments of synchronization and reading of information while ensuring the operation of the ADC in real time;

    3) the achievement of  limiting parameters of geophysical equipment is determined both by the choice of corresponding radioelectronic components and the development of corresponding algorithms for their interaction at the hardware and software level.

These findings were used in the development of the RCC-01 seismic signal recorder with practical testing of an experimental batch at the KubSU seismic laboratories and the SEC for predicting geoecological disasters in the cities of Krasnodar, Gelendzhik and Sochi.

    Field tests showed the following results: signal range from the sensor ±10V in the frequency range 0÷100 Hz; amplitude nonidentity between channels is not worse than ±0,1%;  phase nonidentity between channels is not worse than ±1°; minimum recognizable voltage at the analog input ±μV; seismic information synchronization accuracy – 10 μs; own noise in the city is not more than ±10μV when powered by a laboratory power source.

Keywords: circuitry, meters, analog-digital conversion, microcontroller, Glonass/GPS receiver, master clock generator.

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