V.L. Yarysh 1, N.V. Antonets 2, G.E. Yarysh 1

 1 T.I. Vyasemsky Karadag Scientific Station — Nature reserve of RAS, RF, Feodosia, Kurortnoe,  Nauka St., 24


2 Dneprovsko-Orelsky Natural Reserve, Ukraine, Dneprovski Region


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2019-3-127-131

UDC 591.526:599.73                                            


   Monitoring of European roe deer has been done on the territory of the Karadag nature reserve (1986-2019). The purpose of the study was to study the population dynamics and some features of the ecology and biology of this species. The factors affecting the number of European roe deer for this period were considered. The study of the population dynamics of wild animals was performed by the method of stratified sampling runs. As a result, it was found that the number of roe deer increased exponentially from 48 to an absolute maximum -750 heads in 2016, and subsequently decreased in 2017 to 310 individuals, and then again in 2019 it halved to 192 individuals.

   The dynamics of the population has a peculiar wave-like character. Increasing the number of roe deer by 20% per season is normal for this species under favorable conditions. Significant increasing the number of roe deer as well as its significant decreasing in some years requires an explanation. Drastic population decline in 2017 and 2019 can be explained not only by the predatory activity of stray dogs, but by the total impact of environmental factors and the overpopulation of the species in the reserve. As the number of species grows, the pressure on the floristic complexes of the reserve increases too due to excessive population density of this species.

   The outlined tendency to decreasing of the population density of roe deer will favorably affect the state of the southern marginal oak-hornbeam forests of the Karadag nature reserve.

Keywords: European roe deer, monitoring, population dynamics, Karadag reserve.

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