Upgrade of electronic unit of laboratory device “Environment”

P.V. Gaisky

Institute of Natural and Technical Systems, RF, Sevastopol, Lenin St., 28

Email: gaysky@inbox.ru

DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2019-4-5-10

UDC 628.1


   Experiments with marine and freshwater organisms aimed at studying the impact of various physical, biological and chemical factors on their life are in most cases possible and appropriate under laboratory conditions using aquarium device. In order to monitor the current parameters of the medium and organize certain kinds of impacts, these devices are equipped with measuring channels, radiators and active components, which operate under the control of computer and microprocessor equipment, as well as specialized software.

   To provide laboratory experiments with living organisms, a test stand “Environment” was created. The main purpose of the development and modernization of this stand is to provide certain conditions for new experiments for conducting experiments with bioindicator marine and freshwater organisms, plankton and algoviruses. As external effects for current experiments, it was planned: changing the electromagnetic field, optical radiation in different ranges of the light spectrum, temperature and adding chemical and biological components.

   Moreover, the bench allows testing a number of measuring channels and sensors for long-term stability of metrological characteristics under conditions of constant or changing certain characteristics of the medium. The article describes the latest modernization of the electronic unit and the composition of the test equipment of the device, which is a consequence of the increase of requirements for accuracy and expansion of the types of experiments.

Keywords: laboratory device, measuring channel, hydrological meter, bioindicator, biosensor, experimental conditions, algovirus.

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[IEEE] P. V. Gaisky, “Upgrade of electronic unit of laboratory device “Environment””, Monitoring systems of environment, vol. 4, pp. 5–10, Dec. 2019.

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