Perspectives of using deciduous perennial trees and shrubs in biomonitoring of the urban environment (Orenburg, Russia)

D.G. Fedorova, N.M. Nazarova

 Orenburg State University, RF, Orenburg, Tereshkova St., 134v


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2019-4-114-122

UDC 574.24:574.21:58.087


     Biological monitoring experiments, conducted over a long period of time show that plant organisms can be used as test objects (biotesting) and objects of bioindication (phytoindication), Negative impact of air pollutants during ontogenetic development of perennial plants leads to a disturbance of life processes, causing homeostasis disorder. In this article, morphometric parameters are studied, and the analysis of the ability to accumulate heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Fe, Cd, Pb) by leaf plates of two types of tree-shrub plants (Syringa vulgaris L. and Crataegus sanguinea Pall.) growing on the territories of four administrative districts of the city of Orenburg (Russia), depending on the ecotoxic state of the environment is made. A comparison between of the investigated samples and the control, grown in the Botanical garden of the Orenburg State University is made.

     It has been found that the size of the leaf area of both species has the greatest variability depending on the sampling point; therefore, it can serve as a criterion with the highest sensitivity for a comparative assessment of the degree of anthropogenic load. Significant differences in the accumulation capacity of the heavy metals as well as the degree of the influence of the concentration of various chemical elements on the morphometric parameters of leaf blades depending on the taxonomic identity of a particular plant species are identified. Conclusions about the prospects of using the studied plant species for the purpose of biomonitoring are formulated.

Keywords: Crataegus sanguinea, Syringa vulgaris, biomonitoring, leaves, morphometric parameters, heavy metals, phytoindication.

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[IEEE] D. G. Fedorova and N. M. Nazarova, “PERSPECTIVES OF USING DECIDUOUS PERENNIAL TREES AND SHRUBS IN BIOMONITORING OF THE URBAN ENVIRONMENT (ORENBURG, RUSSIA),” Monitoring systems of environment, no. 4, pp. 114–122, Dec. 2019.

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