V.G. Scherbina

Branch of the Institute of Natural and Technical Systems, RF, Sochi, Kurortny Av., 99/1

E-mail: v.g.scherbina@bk.ru

DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2019-4-162-169


     The studies were conducted in two districts with an area of 2050 and 2800 ha in the suburban forest of the foothill zone of the Sochi region. The dynamics of the proportion of weakened trees in forest ecosystems was determined with 6–9 hornbeam units in the stand, mixed with oak and beech, under the combined influence of recreationally compacted soil and technogenic air pollution. On model trees of sample plots, the coverage and variety of lichens were taken into account, and all available weakened trees with a diameter of 8 cm and more were counted.

     In two regions, 25 common species of epiphytic lichens were identified, which were combined into four groups according to the reaction to environmental pollution. According to the degree of purity of atmospheric air, areas with «very clean», «clean», «relatively polluted» and «moderately polluted» air are registered.

     The proportion of weakened trees in the forest stand is in the range from 25, 9 to 79, 0%, increasing with an increase in the bulk density of the recreationally compacted soil (stage of recreational digression) and the degree of air pollution in the trial plots. With high statistical reliable probability (99%), the atmospheric pollution factor begins to negatively appear on the proportion of weakened trees during stage IV digression, increasing with increasing chronic recreational load. In stages IV-V of recreational digression, extreme loads in ecosystems begin to appear in a «clean environment», increasing with increasing air pollution to a state of «relatively polluted» and «moderately polluted».

Keywords: Sochi region, hornbeam ecosystem, recreation, lichen bioindication, weakened trees, digression.

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