Carbonic polygons of the IOA SB RAS for studying the dynamics of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Part I

V.V. Antonovich1, O.Yu. Antokhina1, P.N. Antokhin1, V.G. Arshinova1,

M.Yu. Arshinov1, B.D. Belan1, S.B. Belan1, D.K. Davydov1, G.A. Ivlev1,

A.V. Kozlov1, Sh.Sh. Maksyutov2, T. Machida2, D.A. Pestunov1, I.V. Ptashnik1,

T.M. Rasskazchikova1, D.E. Savkin1, Sasakawa2, D.V. Simonenkov1,

T.K. Sklyadneva1, G.N. Tolmachev1, A.V. Fofonov1

1Institute of Atmospheric Optics named after V.E. Zuev, SB of RAS, Tomsk, RF

2National Institute for Environmental Research, Tsukuba, Japan


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2022-4-46-60

UDC 551.510.42                                                                                                           


By the 1980s, the general awareness of the problems related to the climate change and deteriorating air quality led to the decision of the WMO to establish in 1989 the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW), (Global Atmosphere Watch – GAW). The WMO GAW station network consists of 31 global level stations and more than 400 regional level stations. Also, about 100 more stations that are members of other monitoring networks such as TCCON, EARLINET, AD-Net, LALINE, MPLNET, CASTNET and IAGOS contribute to the GAW monitoring network. Similar networks were established in the USA, Canada, Europe.

Carbon polygons. In the absence of centralized funding, some organizations of the Russian Federation began to set up such monitoring stations on their own initiative or within the framework of international projects. One of such organizations is the Institute of Atmospheric Optics. V.E. Zuev SB RAS (IOA SB RAS), which set up several stationary and mobile stations.

In December 1992 a TOR station was established within the framework of the international project for the study of tropospheric ozone TOR (Tropospheric Ozone Research) of the European program EUROTRAC. It is located on the north-eastern outskirts of the Tomsk Academgorodok.

The observatory “Fonovaya” is located on the eastern bank of the Ob River, 60 km west of Tomsk.

To control the concentration of greenhouse gases, the Basic Experimental Complex observatory was launched 3 km east of the TOR station.

To monitor the air composition in Western Siberia, 3 integrated monitoring posts and 2 stations for measuring greenhouse gas fluxes at the soil-atmosphere boundary were set up.

Keywords: atmosphere, nitrous oxide, concentration, methane, monitoring, observatory, greenhouse gases, post, station, carbon dioxide.

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