Issue 52


Scientific basis of environmental and climate monitoring methods
A.A. Valle, A.B. Polonsky. Оn reasons of the long-term trends in the variability of the dissolved oxygen concentration and salinity in the area of the cold intermediate layer of the Black Sea 7
V.V. Melentyev, I.V. Matelenok, A.S. Smirnova. Visualization of sea ice radar signatures for situation monitoring in arctic waters 18
N.A. Andreeva, E.N. Voskresenskaya, O.V. Marchukova. On possible influence of the El Niño – Southern Oscillation on the intensity of phytomass growth in the coastal zone of Sevastopol 27
O.A. Stepanova, S.A. Sholar, M.N. Penkov. Results of studying the influence of alternating electromagnetic field on marine microbiota 36
A.A. Egorkin. Development of methodology for geoecological assessment of the atmospheric air quality in the Sevastopol region 43
Technical means of environmental monitoring systems
V.A. Gaisky. Measuring information technologies control of environment parameters with inertial sensors 50
M.V. Volkodaeva, A.A. Koltsov, S.D. Timin. Criteria for comparing small-sized monitoring posts for atmospheric air quality 59
Systems of environmental monitoring
L.I. Osadchaya, E.I. Azarenko. Limitation of permissible impact on the input of chemical and suspended mineral substances into the small rivers of the Sevastopol region on the example of the Baidarka river 67
N.I. Kovalev, L.I. Lukina, S.V. Soldatova. Operational detection of local gas anomalies in the coal zone of mines affecting occurrence of volume methane explosions 73
I.M. Mansurova, L.V. Stelmakh, A.A. Farber. Vertical distribution of chlorophyll “a concentration in the Black Sea in summer and autumn periods according to the data of the probe CTD complex and direct measurements 84
I.V. Ovsyannikova, L.R. Asfandiyarova, G.V. Khakimova, M.S. Luzina. Determination of the level of eutrophication of small rivers in the area of influence of the industrial city 92
A.S. Gulin, R.P. Trenkenshu, E.L. Nevrova, I.A. Kharchuk, A.A. Chekushkin. Field testing of a set-up for cultivation of different size microalgae groups in natural conditions and assessment of the ecological situation in water bodies 98
I.I. Kazankova. Distribution and size composition of mytilyaster on control substrates used in environmental monitoring off the coasts of Crimea 108

Mathematical, algorithmic and software support in environmental monitoring systems

A.M. Lyakh, T.V. Rauen, V.S. Mukhanov. A technique for binarization of video frames of microorganism movements 116
A.G. Klimenko. Refined mathematical model for calculation of heat capacity of working bodies, influencing efficient and environmental parameters of internal combustion engines 123
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