Issue 53


In memory of Gaisky Vitaly Alexandrovich 7
Scientific basis of methods and means of monitoring and diagnosing the natural environment and climate
A.V. Torbinsky, A.B. Polonsky, A.V. Gubarev. Influence of the indian ocean dipole on spatio-temporal  variability  of­  sur­­face air tempera­­­ture over the territory of Europe and North Africa 8
S.G. Dobrovolski, V.P. Yushkov, I.V. Solomonova. CMIP-6 general circulation models for diagnosing changes in climatic parameters of the global water exchange process 16
A.B. Polonsky,  E.A. Grebneva.   Climate  trend  assessment  of  pH  value  in the surface water of the open part of the Black Sea taking into account the limited observational data 27
Е.А. Rybak. Assessment of climatic changes in the air temperature at the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar region 42
Technical means of environmental monitoring systems
S.A. Sholar, O.A. Stepanova. Automation possibilities of search for viruses in aquatic environment 50
Y.E. Shishkin. Liquid local density measurement automation based on the hydrostatic method 58
A.N. Grekov, N.A. Grekov, K.A. Kuzmin, S.S. Peliushenko. Improving the selectivity of the biosensor early warning system exposed to acoustic vibrations 68
T.P. Makarova, A.N. Baturo, Yu.N. Bezborodov. Experimental investigation of сombustion of flammable liquids in a closed volume 79
A.E. Shchodro, S.L. Chernykh, A.N. Sorokin. Control of the shoreline accretion process during the creation of artificial island construction through the use of sediments from deep horizons 87
Systems of environmental monitoring
I.V. Ovsyannikova,   L.R. Asfandiyarova,   G.V. KhakimovaM.S. Luzina, G.S. Latypova,  N.F. Shafeeva.   Environmental  monitoring  of  surface waters in the Pavlovsky reservoir 98
L.L. Smyrnova, E.V. Katunina, O.S. Sizova. Monitoring of the rainfall hydrogen index on the western coast of Crimea (Heraclea peninsula) 103
S.Yu. Samoylov, V.P. Evstigneev, V.A. Naumova. Estimation of atmospheric pollution potential in the Sevastopol region 114
A.E. Shchodro, S.A. Sholar. Semi-dykes (bottom rapids) as devices  controlling sediment transfer and regional ecology 123
Mathematical, algorithmic and software support in environmental monitoring systems
Yu.A. Tunakova, S.V. Novikova, A.R. Shagidullin, V.S. Valiev. The neural network algorithm and the hybrid model for calculating the carbon dioxide greenhouse gas concentrations 133
E.V. Vyshkvarkova, A.N. Grekov, A.S. Mavrin, V.V. Trusevich. Application of the ARIMA model to anomaly detection in the bivalve activity data 141
A.A. Egorkin, V.Yu. Zhuravsky. Assessment of concentration variability and determination of the main sources of aerosol particles entering the atmosphere over the Crimean peninsula 148
Alphabetical index of authors 154