Issue 54


The journal “Monitoring Systems of Environment” is 25 years old! 7
Scientific basis of methods and means of monitoring and diagnosing the natural environment and climate
A.B. Polonsky, P.A. Sukhonos. Trends in changes in winter precipitation in the Black Sea region in the XXI century under different climate scenarios 8
A.B. Fedotov. Numerical simulation of the evolution of a jet zonal wind flow using combined dissipation 19
L.A. Krasnodubets. A new approach to solving the problems of operation-al analysis of the vertical stratification state of ocean environment waters 25
O.A. Stepanova, S.A. Sholar, M.N. Penkov. Influence of electromagnetic field with frequency 300 Hz on marine microbiota 34
A.V. Kuznetsov, A.N. Petrov, A.V. Pirkova, E.V. Sergeeva. Structure of mechanoreception and adhesion capability in juvenile MUSSELS MYTILUS GALLOPROVINCIALIS (LAMARCK, 1819) under ultrasound impact
Technical means of environmental monitoring systems
S.I. Yankovskiy, M.A. Durmanov, I.B. Shirokov. Inductive salinity sensor for environmental sea water monitoring 52
D.A. Poletaev, B.V. Sokolenko. Microwave measurement of water salinity 58
M.V. Volkodaeva, Ya.A. Volodina. On control methods of green plantings condition in urbanized territories 65
Systems of environmental monitoring
A.A. Valle. Long-term trends in variability of dissolved oxygen and salini-ty concentration under the cold intermediate layer of the Black Sea waters
L.I. Lukina, D.V. Moiseev, V.P. Evstigneev, D.Yu. Voronin. Dynamics of natural fires in the territory of Sevastopol for the period 2015–2023 78
I.V. Agarkova-Lyakh. Morphometric features of underwater coastal slopes as indicators of matter exchange between land and sea in the coastal zone (on the example of the Black Sea coast of Crimea) 86
Mathematical, algorithmic and software support in environmental monitoring systems
A.A. Egorkin, V.P. Evstigneev . Methodological approaches to the assess-ment of meteorological and climatic load on the objects of cultural heritage
Yu.V. Doronina, A.M. Skatkov. Estimation of probabilistic characteristics of results of remote sensing of the Earth
Y.E. Shishkin, A.V. Skatkov. Selecting primary sensor types considering nonlinear error characteristics 112
A.E. Shchodro, D.A. Antonenkov, A.N. Sorokin. On the mechanics of long-shore sediment transfer on the sea coasts 124
Hardware, information and metrological reliability of environmental monitoring  systems
A.G. Klimenko. Updated mathematical model of thermal, effective and environmental parameters of gas piston engines 135
Alphabetical index of authors 142