Monitoring of autochthonous bacteriophages, a new trophic chain of different biotopes in deep Lake Baikal

V.V. Drucker, N.V. Dutova, A.S. Gorshkova

Limnological Institute SB RAS, Russian Federation, Irkutsk, Ulan-Batorskaya St., 3


UDC 502:613(045)


The paper presents the results of search and studies of morphological diversity, abundance, size spectrum of autochthonous bacteriophages isolated from various isotopes of Lake Baikal. Morphological composition and size structure of phages were also studied in biofilm microcenoses at the water-geological rock
interface: marble, granite, mica, quartz, gabbro, and urtite. Unlike water, biofilms were dominated byphages of the family Podoviridae (40–50%) with a capsid diameter of 42–55 nm and tail length of 8– 22 nm. Phages without tails (30–52 nm) belonged presumably to the family Microviridae (35–45%).

Keywords: autochthonous bacteriophages, morphological abundance, size spectrum, biofilms, Lake Baikal.

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