Recommendations of the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers (RUS)

License Agreement

Consent to the publication of the article


Article example

The rules for the authors:

1.1They publish in the journal “Monitoring systems of environment” works on new results in working out and usage of technologies of control of parameters, processes and fields of environment.

1.2 Material of an article must be published for the first time.

1.3. Volume of the article from 4 to 10 pages.

1.4.One author can participate in one issue not more than in two articles.

1.5. Article must contain enacting of the task with basing its actuality, formulating new results and conclusion pointing the field of usage.

1.6. The articles are reviewed. The received article is sent by editors to responsible member of the Editorial Board, who sends it for reviewing to a specialist pointed in approved list, analyzes the obtained review, informs the author about the remarks which can be removed, analyzes proved article and presents it and conclusion to the Editorial Board.

1.7.  The articles are accepted for printing or are rejected by the Editorial Board. The date of positive conclusion of a responsible member of the Editorial Board is considered to be the date of articles acception.

1.8. The articles are published in journal free of charge.

1.9.According to preliminary order of authors exemplars of the journal can be sent to them at  the terms of “cash on delivery”.