Evaluation of dynamics of atmospheric air pollution of the city center by emissions of the road transport using cartographic method

A.A. Dementyev, A.M. Tsurgan, N.V. Chudinin, D.A. Soloviev

FSBEI HE “Ryazan State Medical University named after Academician I.P. Pavlova”

Ministry of Health of Russia, RF, Ryazan, st. High-voltage, 9

E-mail: soldos1@yandex.ru

DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2020-3-81-89

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Generalization of the acquired experience of monitoring the air parameters in the experimental channels of the RR-100 research nuclear reactor

P.A. Ponomarenko1, I.G. Tananaev2, S.D. Strekalov3, M.A. Frolova1

1Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education «Sevastopol State University», RF, Crimea, Sevastopol

Email: frolova-85@mail.ru

2Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education «Far Eastern Federal University», RF, Vladivostok

Email: geokhi@mail.ru

3Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education

«Volgograd State Technical University», RF, Volgograd, Lenin Av., 28

E-mail: strekalov_sergey@mail.ru

DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2020-2-44-53

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Technology of water surface area calcula-tion using data received from artificial satellites of Sentinel-2 series, and its im-plementation for determination of the surface areas of the Crimean saline lakes

 R.V. Borovskaya, S.S. Smirnov

 Azov-Black Sea Branch of the FSBSI “VNIRO” (“AzNIIRKH”), RF, Kerch, Sverdlov St., 2

E-mail: borovskaya_r_v@azniirkh.ru

DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2020-2-36-43

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Explosion and fire dynamics, flame energy perceived by the sensor

L.A. Nichkova, I.N. Lukyanenko, A.S. Yurchenko, V.V. Sevrikov, A.N. Odinzov, A.K. Malycheva

Sevastopol State University, RF,  Sevastopol,  Universitetskaya St., 33


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2020-1-54-62

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