Issue 49


Scientific basis of environmental and climate monitoring methods
A.A. Valle. Features of interdecademy variability of the oxygen regime in the spring season in the Black Sea 5
A.B. Fedotov. Analysis of the formation of jet zonal flow as an element of oceanic circulation with different localization of wind action 12
I.V. Agarkova-Lyakh, A.M. Lyakh. Features of the structure of marine coastal landscapes 18
I.I. Kazankova. Features of distribution and size composition of post-larvae of mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis on control substrates in coastal waters of the southern and south-western Crimea 27
Technical means of environmental monitoring systems
M.N. Penkov, S.A. Sholar, O.A. Stepanova. Laboratory facility (setup) for studying the influence of an alternating electromagnetic field on marine microbiota 37
Systems of environmental monitoring
A.A. Egorkin. Methodological approaches to assessing a possible negative impact on the environmental situation of pollution sources from Europe  44
G.A. Sigora, L.A. Nichkova, T.Yu. Khomenko. Analysis and forecast of man-made emergencies situations in the Sevastopol region 51
A.G. Klimenko, A.V. Dologlonyan, V.T. Matveenko. Analysis of circuit solutions of cogeneration plants based on internal combustion engines and their influence on efficient and environmental characteristics 62
A.E. Shchodro, A.N. Sorokin. Sediment balance control in the sea coast section and influence of the work of through shore protection  constructions on the coast 69

Mathematical, algorithmic and software support in environmental monitoring systems

N.A. Zhilnikova, A.A. Baranova, V.O. Smirnova, I.A. Shishkin. Modeling of regulation of man-caused load from water user enterprises in territorial natural-production complexes   79
A.V. Skatkov, A.A. Bryukhovetskiy. Collaborative strategies for detecting interface vulnerabilities of information and measurement networks of NTS with 5G technologies   84
A.M. Lyakh, S.G. Lelekov. The database of the diatom valve outlines   97

Hardware, information and metrological reliability of environmental monitoring systems

A.N. Grekov, N.A. Grekov, S.S. Peliushenko. Increasing the accuracy of sound velocity measurement in a vector single-beam acoustic current velocity meter 106
V.A. Nurzai, Yu.M. Bykovsky. Investigation of the effect of illumination on the error of vibration measuring of technological objects by the photomodulation holographic method 117
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