Issue 48


Scientific basis of environmental and climate monitoring methods
E.V. Vyshkvarkova, O.Yu. Sukhonos, E.N. Voskresenskaya. Assessment of future changes in compound extremes of air temperature and precitation in the XXI century for the Sevastopol region 5
A.B. Polonsky, E.A. Grebneva. Interannual variability of the pH value in the surface layer of the deep-water part of the Black Sea 12
A.M. Lyakh, I.V. Agarkova-Lyakh. Taxonomic database of diatom microalgae from Crimean inland waters 22
S.S. Nazirova,  D.S. Bychek, L.R. Asfandiyarova, L.Z. Kasyanova, A.A. Islamutdinova, E.K. Aminova. Production opportunities of biodegradable material from waste of the wood processing industry 31
Technical means of environmental monitoring systems
V.A. Gaisky. Method and devices with strain gaugers for measurement of hydrostatic pressure 36
V.I. Istomin, A.G. Klimenko, S.E. Tverskaya, V.V. Khlebnikova. Improvement of methods and devices for monitoring the concentration of petroleum products in purified water 46
Systems of environmental monitoring
A.E. Shchodro, S.A. Sholar. Modern hydroecological facilities for activation of mass transfer in aquatic environment 51
A.G. Klimenko, V.A. Ocheretyaniy. Legal, environmental aspects and features of decarbonization of energy and transport in the Russian Federation 61
I.V. Agarkova-Lyakh, K.V. Frolova, A.M. Lyakh. Adaptation of coastal vegetation to the ecological conditions of the land-sea contact zone 73
A.R. Shagidullin. Dynamics of levels of pollution with the major gaseous impurities and indicators of the scattering power of atmospheric air in Kazan 84
Algorithmic and software support in environmental monitoring systems
A.V. Skatkov, Yu.V. Doronina, D.V. Moiseev. On the idempotency property of environmental control systems 92
Information and metrological reliability of environmental monitoring systems
V.I. Shvetsova. Theoretical foundations for optimizing the structures of ergatic control systems 101
Alphabetical index of authors 109