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UDK 519.218.82

Krasnjdubets L.A. Marine observation systems with mobile data acquisition platforms.

ISBN 978-5-6040795-5-3

   The monograph is devoted to development and application of the methodology of marine observing systems with mobile data collection platforms installed on the sea Autonomous objects-carriers for the purpose of collecting and processing data on the surface, near surface and deep regions of seas and oceans, as well as trajectory parameters of the movement and localization of the bearers.

   For specialists developers and users of environmental control systems, teachers and students.

Printed on the recommendation of the Academic Council of FEDERAL state scientific institution “Institute of natural and technical systems»


V.A. Gayskiy,  Dr. tech. Sciences, prof.

E.A. Shushlypin,  Dr. tech. Sciences, prof.

DOI: 10.33075/978-5-6040795-5-3

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