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Dr. Tech. Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Department of Electronics and Information Security of the Black Sea Higher Naval Order of the Red Star of the P.S. Nakhimova N.E. Sapozhnikov; Dr. Tech. Sciences, Professor, President of the Sevastopol branch of the Interregional Public Organization “Academy of Quality Problems” K.N. Malovik.

I 74 Information technology for detecting anomalies in monitoring observations: monograph / Iu.E. Shishkin, A.V. Skatkov. – Simferopol: PP “ARIAL”, 2019. – 362 p.

ISBN 978-5-907032-64-4

The basis of this book is the material obtained as part of the RFBR grants (grant No. 18 -47-920005 , No. 18-47-920007 ) “Research on methods of big data analysis in convergent information systems and infrastructures for environmental monitoring tasks of the Sevastopol region”, “Intelligent digital technology for detecting anomalies of critical ecosystems in the Sevastopol region” in which the authors of this monograph were co-executors at the research laboratory “Intelligent information systems and critical computing” of Sevastopol State University. The results of research and development in the field of information technology for identifying anomalies in environmental monitoring data based on an intelligent approach and a set of problem-oriented programs, including mobile applications, are presented.

This monograph will be useful to scientists in the field of environmental control systems, distributed monitoring systems, management of decision-making support processes in critical systems, as well as students, graduate students, university professors, development engineers and other professionals involved in information technology, data mining, monitoring natural environments, the development of appropriate software systems.

It can be used as a training tool.

The monograph is published in the original edition and prepared in accordance with the agreement of the Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education “Sevastopol State University” and the RFBR Fund No. 18-47-920005 , No. 18-47-92000 7 of 24.06.2019 .

DOI: 10.33075/978-5-907032-64-4

Author’s e-mail: iurii.e.shishkin@gmail.com

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