Development of a simulation model of frost susceptibility spatial distribution on the territory of the Republic of Crimea as applied to viniculture

E.A. Rybalko, N.V. Baranova

Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “All-Russian National Research Institute of Viticulture and

Winemaking “Magarach”, Russian Academy of Science”, 31 Kirova Str., 298600, Yalta, Republic of Crimea, Russian Federation


UDC 634.8:57.045:


The relationship between frost susceptibility of a territory and peculiarities of the terrain along with a number of other agro-environmental factors were analysed. This resulted in the development of a simulation model that allows calculating frost susceptibility at any point of the Crimean peninsula based on the data obtained from the nearest weather station.

Keywords: frost susceptibility, minimum air temperature, the average of the absolute temperature minima, mathematical model, morphometric characteristics of a terrain.

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