The use of database management systems and gis for development and analysis of the regional oceanological database for the Black Sea

A.M. Novikova

Institute of Natural and Technical Systems, Russian Federation, Sevastopol, Lenin St., 28


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2018-2-52-56

UDC 004.657; 004.043


   A new generalized array of the database on the temperature of the Black Sea waters for the period 1884-2017 was formed using GIS QGIS and spatial database management system SpatiaLite. There were used three databases: Institute DB, DB of Big Marine Ecosystems, as well as data from JCOMMOPS database containing information from the Argo buoys. Special data processing tools in SpatiaLite have significantly reduced the time required to access database requests while saving the amount of memory that the database uses. Attraction of additional databases allowed to increase the total volume of the Institute database  1.6 times by the number of stations and  3 times by measurements. Also, the volume of data of contact surveys for the last 10 years has significantly increased. Analysis of the spatial distribution of data on the main horizons (0, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300, 500 and 1000 m) showed the uniformity of their location throughout the Black Sea. A map of the depths of the Black Sea was created on the basis of the ETOPO raster bathymetric map.

Keywords: GIS, database management systems, the Black Sea, temperature.

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