Method of measuring profiles of temperature, pressure and density in liquid by distributed profilemeters

 V.A. Gaisky,  P.V. Gaisky

Institute of  Natural and Technical Systems, Russian Federation, Sevastopol, Lenin St., 28


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2018-3-13-18

UDC 536.5.08


The method is intended for use in oceanology and can be used in other areas. The essence of the method is in using distributed profilemeters, containing n conductors modulated by linear sensitivity to the functions   using three profilemeters with different temperature i) and tenso i) sensitivity , placing them in a common soft shell and installed in medium along measured profile, measuring  conductors resistance   and determine the profile of temperature θ(z), pressure P(z) and density ρ(z) by formulas:

where  z – spatial coordinate on profile (in particular, depth); aj , bj – expansion coefficients θ(z) and P(z) on basis of orthogonal functions , and coefficients aj and bj are determined by solving of  n  equations systems in the form:

where  для  для  – integral measured resistance of 0-conductor (unmodulated) of i-profilemeter; Rij – integral measured resistance of j-conductor, modulated by function φj(z) with amplitude rim at background  of   constant component rim; Rim – equivalent  resistance  of i-profilemeter conductor with constant linear resistance rim with initial conditions; dP(z)/dz – derivative of pressure profile at point z; g(φ,z) – gravitational acceleration depending on geographical latitude of place φ and point depth z on profile. Technical result is in simultaneous measurement of temperature, pressure and density profiles with increased accuracy.

Keywords: distributed thermoprofilemeters, pressure thermoprofilemeter, density profile.

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