Reliability and accuracy of systems of the natural environ-ment control. Part 2

V.A. Gaisky

Institute of Natural and Technical Systems, RF, Sevastopol, Lenin St., 28


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2020-3-171-179

UDC 519.95+544.623


   The accuracy of field/process reconstruction from the field/process measurement data at the nodes of the space-time lattice is the main quality criterion for the control system. Due to the unreliability of the system, information from the lattice nodes is lost, which is equivalent to its thinning. There is an analytical connection between the error in the field representation and the number of nodes operating with a known probability.

   Approximate formulas estimating the increment of the error in the representation of processes and fields with power-law spectra with a decrease in the number of nodes N of the space-time lattice for  are proposed. Real control systems are multichannel and retain partial useful operability in the event of a failure of a certain number of channels, i.e. they are redundant.

   Formulas for calculating the reliability of redundant shipborne sounding and towed devices, automatic buoy stations with meters on the horizons and with distributed thermopiles are derived. Towed systems, coastal stations and autonomous buoy stations should operate as long as possible.

   To build durable systems, the results obtained earlier in the theory of reliability by the author on the ineffectiveness of the static reserve, the fundamental inappropriateness of external diagnostics of faults by observing the inputs and outputs of devices, the possibility of ideal diagnostics of faults by replacing from the dynamic reserve are used. This is the only known method that provides optimal and ideal diagnostics of malfunctions regardless of the structure of the systems and, therefore, allows you to build recoverable and arbitrarily durable systems.

   The diagnostic method by replacing from the reserve in the software implementation is extended to a set of nodes of the space-time lattice for selecting information from the environment.

Keywords: reliability, accuracy, fault diagnosis, spatio-temporal measurement lattice.

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