Issue 45


Scientific basis of environmental and climate monitoring methods
A.B. Polonsky,  A.V. Torbinskii, A.V. Gubarev. The  mechanism   of  the formation of the Indian Ocean dipole 5
V.P. Evstigneev, V.A. Naumova, N.A. Lemeshko. Non-stationary statistical estimation of wind speeds of rare recurrence in the Azov and Black Sea region 15
N.A. Lemeshko, V.P. Evstigneev, A.P. Morozov, V.A. Rusakov. Applicability of GCMs for evaluation of agro-climatic properties of local territories 23
Methods for monitoring the natural environment and man-made objects
O.A. Stepanova, P.V. Gaisky, S.A. Sholar. Selective sensitivity of the Black Sea microalgae to viral infection after exposure to a constant magnetic field 31
O.V. Mashukova, M.I. Silakov, L.V. Malahova, A.V. Melnik. The impact of  polychlorinated  biphenyls on the bioluminescence rates of the Black Sea ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi A. Agassiz (Ctenophora: Lobata) 39
Technical means of environmental monitoring systems
V.A. Gaisky. Hydrostatic differential meter of local density of natural waters 50
Systems of environmental monitoring
P.D. Lomakin, Yu.N. Ryabtsev, A.I. Chepyzhenko. Research of sources and distribution of suspended matter in Omega Bay (Crimea) based on expeditional data and numerical simulation 59
Е.А. Rybak, О.О. Rybak. Analysis of regional features of water consumption structure in the North Caucasus. Part 2. Problems of water use optimization 68
A.V. Skatkov, V.I. Shevchenko,  E.N. Mashchenko, O.V. Chengar. Modeling of environmental monitoring data processing  in a cloud infrastructure 79
Algorithmic and software support in environmental monitoring systems
D.V. Moiseev, N.E. Sapozhnikov. Application of non-positional representation of information in environmental monitoring systems 89
A.M. Lyakh, I.V. Agarkova-Lyakh. Relational model for storing ecologico-biological expedition data 98
A.N. Grekov, Y.E. Shishkin, S.S. Peliushenko, A.S. Mavrin. Construction of object boundaries for the autopilot of a surface robot from satellite images using computer vision methods 107
A.V. Skatkov, A.A. Bryukhovetskiy, D.V. Moiseev, I.A. Skatkov. Swarm intelligence in the problems of detecting anomalies and states of natural-technical systems and objects 119
Information and metrological reliability of environmental monitoring systems
V.P. Rudnev. Study of the influence of environmental factors on the optical parameters of transparent thermoplasts 127
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