Issue 43


Polonsky Alexander Borisovich  (On the occasion of his 70th birthday) 5
Scientific basis of environmental and climate monitoring methods
A.A. Stefanovich, E.N. Voskresenskaya.  Modern assessment methods of comfort of bioclimatic conditions for resort areas 7
A.B. Polonsky, S.S. Beytser. Identification of the surface temperature change in the Atlantic-European and Mediterranean regions using ERA5 re-analysis 18
O.V. Marchukova, E.N. Voskresenskaya. Trends in the change of ice concentration and air temperature in the Arctic region 25
Methods for monitoring the natural environment and man-made objects
L.V. Stelmakh, N.P. Kovrigina. The use of marine microalgae for biotesting the waters of Sevastopol bays 35
P.V. Gaisky. Possibilities of  analysis  of  chronic  contamination  of  water sources  using  bioelectronic  systems  with  bivalve  mollusks 43
L.A. Krasnodubets. Multi-purpose information-measuring system for vertical profiling of the ocean environment 54
V.A. Gaisky,  P.V. Gaisky. Possibilities of measuring the local density of seawater in probe instruments 61
Technical means of environmental monitoring systems
I.B. Shirokov, P.A. Evdokimov, E.I. Shirokova. Monitoring system of changes in air composition 68
A.S. Gulin, R.P. Trenkenshu. Construction model for microalgae photometric cell 79
Systems of environmental monitoring
P.D. Lomakin, V.I. Ryabushko, A.I. Chepyzhenko, S.V. Schurov. Control of the current system and fields of the total suspended matter concentration and dissolved organic matter concentration in lake Donuzlav in May 2019 87
V.G. Scherbina. Allelopathic tension of biotopes in forest ecosystems of wet subtropics 95
N.A. Andreeva. Monitoring of the cyanobacteria composition in bottom sediments of the water area of the Black and Azov seas along the coast of Crimea 107
G.A. Sigora, S.A. Gutnik, E.I. Azarenkо, L.A. Nichkova, T.Yu. Khomenko. Increasing the efficiency of the atmospheric air monitoring system in the city of Sevastopol 118
Algorithmic and software support in environmental monitoring systems
A.V. Skatkov, A.A. Bryukhovetskiy, D.V. Moiseev. Ranked classification of environmental conditions 129
Information and metrological reliability of environmental monitoring systems
A.B. Polonsky, P.A. Sukhonos.  Comparison of ocean datasets by their ability to adequately reproduce winter anomalies in the characteristics of the upper layer ot the north–eastern part of the North Atlantic 137
V.I. Shvetsova. Optimization of “human-machine-environment” system: human operator reliability assessment 147
Alphabetical index of authors 154