Issue 46


Scientific basis of environmental and climate monitoring methods
A.A. Valle. On monitoring the hydrological and hydrochemical regime of the Black Sea waters 5
E.N. Voskresenskaya, O.V. Marchukova, V.V. Afanasyeva. Assessment of possible changes in the El Niño and La Niña repeatability by the end of the XXI century using the CMIP6 models 14
E.A. Grebneva.  Development of an empirical model of pH long-term changes in the surface waters of the deep-water part of the Black Sea 22
О.Yu. Sukhonos, А.S. Lubkov, Е.N. Voskresenskaya. Assessment of the quality of simulation of changes of the downwelling shortwave radiation in the Sevastopol region using the CMIP6 models 31
E.A. Averianova. Features of spatial-time variability of total turbulent heat fluxes at the ocean-atmosphere interface in the Atlantic 38
Methods for monitoring the natural environment and man-made objects
I.I. Kazankova, A.V. Klimenko.  Control of potential mussel recruitment taking into account some environmental parameters in Sevastopol estuarine zone 45
D.A. Antonenkov, A.E. Shchodro. Control and methodology of modeling hydrological processes in the design of hydraulic structures in the estuaries of rivers 55
Technical means of environmental monitoring systems
V.I. Istomin, S.E. Tverskaya. Improvement of technical means of control systems and protection of the marine environment from oil pollution 63
I.B. Shirokov, P.A. Evdokimov, E.I. Shirokova. Development of a repeater for a device for monitoring changes in the composition of the air environment 71
Systems of environmental monitoring
L.V. Stelmakh, I.M. Mansurova. Functional state of the marine microalgae cultures as an indicator of the water pollution level of the Sevastopol bay 83
E.N. Sibirtsova, A.V. Temnykh, M.I. Silakov. Microplastics pollution monitoring in bottom sediments of the Sevastopol region recreation zones 91
V.G. Scherbina. The influence of recreational impact in forest communities on the allelopathic regime of tree edificators 102
A.A. Ibragimova, A.R. Shagidullin, V.A. Gabdrahimova, R.A. Shagidullina, R.R. Shagidullin. Ranking of the city territory based on the results of calculated monitoring of atmospheric air pollution from stationary sources 111
G.V. Khakimova, L.R. Asfandiyarova. Assessment of the impact of anthropogenic and technogenic factors on the contamination of the soil cover of the city 118
Algorithmic and software support in environmental monitoring systems
B.A. Skorohod. Algorithms for object position monitoring on the sea surface using monocular video camera 124
A.N. Grekov, A.A. Kabanov, S.Yu. Alekseev. Support vector machine for determining Euler angles in an inertial navigation system 134
Information and metrological reliability of environmental monitoring systems
A.V. Skatkov, A.A. Bryukhovetskiy, I.А. Skatkov. Conditions vulnerability identification of natural and technical objects based on linear spline interpolation of interface traffic intensity 143
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