Vitaly Gaisky (to the 80th anniversary)

Vitaly Gaisky
(to the 80th anniversary)

     October 31, 2017 marked the 80th anniversary of doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Vitaly Gaisky, Deputy editor-in-chief of the journal, a major scientist in the field of marine measurement information technologies and scientific instrumentation.

     They first received significant theoretical results to build a fault-tolerant redundant systems with optimal self-test, the reliability analysis of redundant systems based on the transition from logic equation of efficiency to the probability of a change of variables and operations, according to the life time of redundant systems, according to the fundamental limitations of the resolution of systems of external control, according to the principles of parametrically invariant measurement system using several parallel channels, the principles of economical systems near analogamente telemetry on the basis of dispersed transmitters for developing framework of marine thermometry, including thermoprofile with distributed-modulated linear sensitivity sensors, methods of evaluation of errors of sampling and reconstruction of random processes and fields with schemes liaising and antialiasing, methods for reversible compression of digital information on the basis of the theory of finite automata and series code differences, using methods for building fast correlators and converters, time-code with bit-by-bit encoding.

     With his direct participation and guidance, eight generations of Oceanographic automated instruments for various applications and technologies have been created. His name is associated with the development of a communication ring for automated systems at NIS “Akademik Vernadsky” and “Mikhail Lomonosov”, a generation of automated controlled towed complexes of the “Nyrok” and “gals” series, hydrological probes of the “Microzond” series, “Istok-7″, GCZ, the sea coastal station” breeze”, distributed Walsh thermoprophylemers and bioelectronic complexes.

     V. A. Gaisky managed branches of several departments of Sevastopol University at the Marine hydrophysical Institute, created on his initiative. He created the national school of marine scientific instrumentation.

    V. A. Gaisky was recognized as the best inventor of the NAS of Ukraine in 2006. Awarded the medal “Veteran of labour”, honorary diplomas of the Committee on intellectual property of the Presidium of the NAS of Ukraine and the Supreme Council of Ukraine, the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    V. A. Gai takes an active part in industrial and social life of the Institute, working as a head of research area on Maritime and environmental engineering Institute of natural and technical systems, is a member of the Council for scientific instrumentation in FANO Russia.

     During his work, he published more than 300 scientific papers, including 4 fundamental monographs and 68 inventions.

     The editorial Board sincerely wishes the hero of the day longevity, success in scientific work and happiness in his personal life.