Study of the effect of noise reduction in the temperature measuring channel based on six-armed bridge

A.V. Klimenko, K.A. Kuzmin

Institute of Natural and Technical Systems,  RF,  Sevastopol, Lenin St., 28


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2019-4-27-32

UDC 53.088.6


     In order to reduce dynamic error, a scheme based on a six-armed bridge containing two temperature sensors is implemented in the temperature measuring channel of the hydrological and chemical module of the BRIZ-1 offshore station. In the process of testing this measuring channel,  seawater temperature graphs were studied and it was revealed that the noise components of the sensor temperatures were out of phase with each other, and, as a result, the noise component of their arithmetic mean was significantly reduced by an order of magnitude. This effect was achieved due to the fact that the computational formulas for calculating the resistance values ​​of two measuring sensors, due to the symmetric architecture of the measuring circuit, had an identical form, and the ratios of the voltages U3 / U4 and U4 / U3 measured in each cycle were mutually inverse. For the study, a fragment of the recording of experimental data was studied and it was shown that the additive noise component decreased by 5840 times. As an example, and for analysis, a temperature measurement fragment of 30 frames was selected and graphs of direct temperature measurements T1, T2 and their arithmetic average Tcp graphically demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed method were constructed, the analysis of the formulas by which temperatures and their arithmetic mean were calculated showed that the effect under study arose due to the property of the sum of reciprocal numbers, which were included as terms in each of the expressions. The paper gives a theoretical quantitative assessment of the interference suppression effect. It is shown that the order of magnitude of the reduction in the noise component obtained from the experimental data is consistent with the theoretical quantitative estimate.

Key words: temperature measurement, six-armed bridge, noise reduction.

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[IEEE] A. V. Klimenko and K. A. Kuzmin, “STUDY OF THE EFFECT OF NOISE REDUCTION IN THE TEMPERATURE MEASURING CHANNEL BASED ON SIX-ARMED BRIDGE,” Monitoring systems of environment, vol. 4, pp. 27–32, Dec. 2019.

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