Study of operation of measuring system monitoring when probing the fine structure hydrophysical fields with a gradient of the measured parameter

E.O. Savkova1, O.V. Chengar

1State Higher Education Institution «Donetsk National Technical University», Donetsk, Artem St., 58


Federal Public Autonomous Educational Institution of the Higher Education «Sevastopol State University», Russian Federation, Sevastopol, University St., 33


UDC 627.01


The article analyzes the work of measuring system for monitoring of hydrophysical fields of the aquatic environment when choosing a plan for vertical probing based on the calculation of the thermocline size and depth of the lower weakly-gradient layer and algorithm is used the definition of turbulent bursts on exceed­ing the gradient of the measured data of a zero level.

Keywords: monitoring of hydrophysical fields, the gradient of the measured parameter, weakly-gradient layer, thermocline, mixed layer, the vertical temperature profile.

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