Research of conservation of paint and technical inscriptions on protective polymeric coatings of products in the conditions of wet subtropics

V.P. Rudnev

Branch of Institute of Natural and Technical Systems, RF, Sochi, Kurortny Av., 99/18


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2019-3-23-28

UDC 620.169.1:620.193.21


   In the practice of protecting complex technical systems and products operating under the affect of aggressive environmental factors, weather-resistant polymeric coatings are used for protective and decorative equipment painting. In addition, various technical inscriptions (marking, graphic information, etc.) are applied to the external surface of the products. One of the conditions for the complex technical systems and critical products safe operation under the external climatic factors affect is the persistence of technical lacquers, markings and graphic information applied to polymer coatings and materials of the external contour of devices and operational storage containers.

   In this work the study of the affect of the environmental factors of humid subtropics on the persistence of technical inscriptions depending on the brand and color, paints and varnishes used for these purposes on various protective polymeric coatings is made. In order to assess the persistence of technical inscriptions on protective polymer coatings, a method of field tests in the environment of humid subtropics was chosen. The aim of the method was to exhibit samples with a protective coating and labeling for a fixed period of time, while exposed to the humid subtropics coastal atmosphere natural factors while monitoring environmental parameters and technical inscriptions persistence in the process of the samples exposure.

   As a result of this work, the time period of preservation of technical inscriptions made by various brands of paints and varnishes on samples of polymer coatings within the coastal region conditions are determined. The best combinations of marking paintwork materials with polymer coatings, widely used for the protection of equipment, are identified.

Keywords: environmental factors, natural climatic tests, technical inscriptions, paints, polymer coatings, safe operation.

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