Issue 33


Methods and devices for measuring environmental parameters  
L.R. Grigoryan, N.M. Bogatov, A.L. Grigoryan Analysis of water parameters device based on electrometric method 5
V.A. Gaisky,  P.V. Gaisky Method of measuring profiles of temperature, pressure and density in liquid by distributed profilemeters 13
Stepanova O.A., Gaisky P.V., Sholar S.A. Influence of viral lysis on some physical parameters of marine water under experiment 19
Information technologies and management in environmental control systems
A.N. Grekov, N.A. Grekov, E.N. Sychov The study of interdependence of sea water sound speed and salinity in equation of state 29
N.L. Korepanova, M.A. Lebedeva Protection of data transmission channel on the basis of VPN technologies in systems for environmental monitoring 37
Monitoring of the environment
A.B. Polonsky,N. S. Drobosuk On an abrupt sea surface temperature (sst) decrease in the Black Sea 42
P.D. Lomakin Statistical correlation between satellite data and elements of total suspended matter field in the Kerch Strait 50
Climate research
Е.А. Rybak, N.A. Yaitskaya, O.О. Rybak Impact of the North Sea – Caspian Pattern on the formation of regimes of air temperature and precipitation in the Caucasus region 57
A.B. Fedotov The timescales Analysis of long-term variability of oceanic circulation forced by the stationary wind in a two-layer ocean. Part 2. Spectral analysis 65
Published in a discussion form
I.V. Serykh, D.M. Sonechkin, V.I. Byshev, V.G. Neiman, Yu.A. Romanov Global atmospheric oscillation in troposphere and lower stratosphere 70
Editorial commentary on the article Serykh I. V., Sonechkin D. M., Byshev V. I., Neiman V. G., Romanov Yu. A. Global atmospheric oscillation in troposphere and lower stratosphere 78
Metik-Diyunova V.V, Mayboroda S.A. Study of the interannual and seasonal variability of the sea surface temperature in the coastal area of the Southern Coast of Crimea at the Cape of Kikineiz 79
Monitoring of biological systems
L.V. Stelmakh Environmental and physiological bases of coccolithophorid Emiliania huxleyi  spring bloom development in the Black Sea 85
A.V. Melnik, V.V. Melnikov The studies of bioluminescence in the Red Sea 93
N.K. Gudkova, T.L. Gorbunova Comprehensive assessment of the river Sochi ecological status using the bioindication methods 101
E.A. Snegin, O.Yu. Artemchuk Estimation of a degree of stability of roman snails (Helix pomatia) populations to the action of genotoxic components of the urban environment 110
Environmental management
N.I. Matova Methodological aspects of sociological research of degree, prospects and institutional preconditions of development of green tourism in Russia. Part III: Potential of demand for the green tourist’s product and the assessment by tourists its supply 115
A.P. Stetsiuk, V.N. Egorov Marine suspensions ability to concentrate mercury depending on its contents in the shelf water area 123
G.V. Kucherik, Yu.A. Omelchuk Development of efficient processes of anionites regeneration 133
N.M. Ivaniutin, S.V. Podovalova Physiological usefulness of drinking water of the Crimea according to its chemical composition 140
V.D. Geller, V.A. Urdenko, A.N. Grekov, N.A. Grekov Design features of hydrobiotechnical constructions for the cultivation of mollusks in the sea 147
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