Determination of the toxicity of the soil coat of technogenic zones by the example of the city with development industry

R.R. Daminev,  L.R. Asfandiyarova,  G.V. Yunusova,  I.V. Ovsyannikova

Ufa State Petroleum Technological University,  Branch of Sterlitamak,

Russian Federation,  Sterlitamak,  Oktyabrya St., 2


DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2018-1-120-124

UDC 631.45, 581.5


   The soils of an industrial city were studied using phytotesting methods. In the quality of the test object, a watercress was chosen. Estimation of toxicity was made on the basis of comparison of the germination and total length of the sprout. The main sources of pollution were identified, and priority sources of pollution were identified.

Keywords: soil cover, technogenic pollution, ecotoxicological analysis, phytotesting, watercress, germination, toxicity assessment.

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