Experimental investigation of сombustion of flammable liquids in a closed volume

T.P. Makarova, A.N. Baturo, Yu.N. Bezborodov

 FSBEE HE Siberian Fire and Rescue Academy EMERCOM of Russia,

RF, Krasnoyarsk Regiom, Zheleznogorsk, Severnaya St., 1.

E-mail: tattomakarova@yandex.ru

DOI: 10.33075/2220-5861-2023-3-79-86 

UDC 544.452                                                                                                                                                      


The paper presents the results of experimental study of combustion of paraffin and ethyl alcohol in a closed volume. The developed laboratory setup for the research is briefly described. On the basis of the analysis of existing experimental works it is revealed that it is necessary to develop a method of controlling the parameters of combustion of substances in a closed volume to assess the fire hazard.

In the work, changes in the temperature of the upper layer of the chamber are analysed, mathematical functions of changes in this parameter are obtained. It is revealed that the main parameter determining the magnitude and intensity of parameter changes is the mass burnout rate of the substance, individual for each. In addition, the results of controlling the decrease of light transmission formed during combustion of the gas mixture are presented. It is found that the use of laser for evaluation of the occupancy by combustion products is limited for substances emitting transparent gases. Further research is required to assess the fire hazard of combustion products accumulating in the upper part of the chamber. The obtained data are supposed to be used to build mathematical models of changes in the parameters of the gas medium inside a known volume during combustion of a particular substance.

The study of physicochemical aspects of combustion of modern substances and materials in various conditions is relevant due to the persistence of fire danger and increase in the number of fires, especially in storage facilities. The development of organizational and technical solutions to ensure fire safety at such facilities involves reducing the incidence of fires, which in turn will reduce the damage to society and the environment.

Keywords: fires, fire hazard of substances, closed premises, closed volume.

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