The measuring system for geoecological research

N. A. Panteleev, V. V. Peteryakov. ( the reviewer V. I. Zaburdaev)      The concept of building a measuring complex for geo-ecological research in the area of land and sea interface of the Azov- black Sea basin based on the integrated control and environmental polygon of the EO MGI NAS of Ukraine is presented. … Read more

Analysis of methods for measuring the flow rate profile with thermoprophilemers

Gayskiy, V. A., P. V. Gayskiy.      Heat exchange and correlation methods for measuring the flow rate of gases and liquids by contact temperature sensors are widely used [1]. Of interest is the analysis of the implementation of these methods, multiple sensors and turbopropellers to measure the velocity profiles of the flow. Full text … Read more

On the development of regional scales of practical salinity and equations of state of sea water

Zaburdaev V. I.      It is known that the practical salinity scale SHPS-1978 and the equation of state US-1980 of seawater were created for the study of water masses of ocean origin under the assumption of constancy of the salt composition. This made it possible to uniquely reproduce the scale of practical salinity and … Read more

Automated hydrometeorological station (the project)

Gaysky V.A., Gaysky P.V., Grekov N.A., Penkov M.N., Trofimenko V.A.      The hydrometeorological service of Ukraine has 370 active hydrometeological posts on land waters. Now the level of their technical equipment and observations does not meet modern requirements. The analysis shows that the world does not have ready-made technical solutions of acceptable cost for … Read more