Issue 41


Scientific basis of environmental and climate monitoring methods
V.N. Maslova, E.N. Voskresenskaya, A.V. Yurovsky, V.Yu. Zhuravsky, V.P. Evstigneev, V.A. Naumova. Methodological approaches to the study of cyclonic systems related to different types of intense storms in the North Black Sea region 5
P.D. Lomakin, A.I. Chepyzhenko. Research and control of water circulation and structures of the thermochaline field in Omega Bay (Crimea) in the summer-autumn period 2019 15
A.S. Lubkov, O. Yu. Sukhonos. Research of the Crimean Peninsula wind power resources based on hourly data from ERA5 reanalysis 23
A.B. Polonsky, A.V. Torbinskii, A.V. Gubarev. Verification of reanalysis data for the tropical zone of the Indian Ocean. Part 1. multi-year hydrophysical averages 30
A.A. Valle, E.A Grebneva, A.B. Polonsky. Analysis of seasonal variability of hydrological and hydrochemical characteristics of surface waters in the northwestern Black Sea 39
Methods for monitoring the natural environment and man-made objects
A.G. Klimenko. Controlling parameters of intake stroke of gas piston engines using the method of small deviations 49
V.P. Rudnev. Environmental influence of wet subtropics on color  characteristics of protective polymer coatings 56
A.N. Grekov, S.Y. Alekseev, V.Y. Bashkirov. The results of laboratory tests underwater navigation system for environmental monitoring devices 65
E.А. Rybak, Y.I. Yurenko. Environmental conditions affecting subsea pipelines of the communal systems on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus 75
A.A. Dementyev, A.M. Tsurgan, N.V. Chudinin, D.A. Soloviev. Evaluation of dynamics of atmospheric air pollution of the city center by emissions of the road transport using cartographic method 81
Technical means of environmental monitoring systems
L.V. Stelmakh, I.I. Babich. Use of the automated cell counter Luna-II for estimating the abundance of marine microalgae cells and their sizes in cultures 90
P.V. Gaisky. Using Arduino GPS modules for navigation control and monitoring 96
L.A. Krasnodubets. Concept of using and modeling of a marine autonomous smart profiler 106
A.N. Grekov, N.A. Grekov, E.N. Sychov, V.J. Mishurov, V.A. Rjazanov, K.A. Kuzmin. Laboratory setup for determining the influence of inhomogeneities in the water on its acoustic properties and research results 114
Systems of environmental monitoring
P.V. Gaisky, O.A. Stepanova. Behavioral responses of freshwater bivalve mussel Unio  pictorum  to  household  derivatives of petroleum products 124
I.I. Kazankova. Influence of increasing sea surface temperature on the mussel recruitment off the southwestern coast of Crimea 133
O.A. Stepanova. Monitoring of  Black  Sea  algal  viruses  Tetraselmis  viridis and  Phaeodactylum  tricornutum   in bays  of  Sevastopol as a component of ecological monitoring of the studied aquatories 139
L.O. Shtripling, V.V. Bazhenov, N.S. Bazhenova. Improving the method for identifying the source of excess emissions based on mobile laboratory data 149
Metrological support of environmental monitoring systems
I.A. Skatkov, D.V. Moiseev. Adaptive error compensation for primary meters of environmental monitoring systems 157
B.A. Skorohod, P.V. Zhiyakov, A.V. Statsenko, S.I. Fateev. Analysis of the accuracy of building 3D coordinates of the underwater robot workspace 163
Information and metrological reliability of environmental monitoring systems
V.A. Gaisky. Reliability and accuracy of systems of the natural environment control. Part 2 171
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