Issue 26


Methods and devices for measuring environmental parameters
Levchenko D. G., Lobkovsky L. I., Egorov I. V., Ilinsky D. A., Roginsky K. A. Features of registration of broadband seismic signals on the ocean floor 5
D.E. Levashov, N.P. Bulanova Modern methods and general optical schemes for studying plankton in situ 14
L.A. Krasnodubets Current state and prospects of maritime mobile data collection platforms as a basis for the global observation systems 23
A.N. Grekov, Y.E. Shishkin Three-axis acoustic current meter modeling 33
Ya.Yu. Selezen, А.L. Boran-Keshishyan The leeway parameters determination methods of search and rescue objects at the sea 41
Information technologies and management in environmental control systems
Sorokin V. E., Kochnev V. V. On the effectiveness of the PostgreSQL DBMS in environmental control systems 45
P.V. Gaysky, I.I. Kazankova Program algorithm of calculation of clams activity on the example of a thick shelled river mussel Unio crassus 52
A.M. Novikova, A.A. Kotolupova The experience of using kriging method in the programmes Surfer and QGIS for marine climate research 59
Monitoring of the environment
E.A. Grebneva, A.B. Polonsky, A.N. Serebrennikov Hydrological characteristics of the waters adjacent to the west coast of Crimea, according to research expeditions to the HS “Donuzlav” in June 2016 68
A.B. Fedotov Numerical modelling of oceanic circulation forced by the stationary wind in a two-layer ocean 74
E.S. Vysochina, Ya.O. Yeremin, V.A. Velichko, S.N. Basan Features variations in the air temperature observed after exposure to solar flares 80
Climate research
O.V. Marchukova, V.N. Maslova, E.N. Voskresenskaya, A.S. Lubkov La Nina 2016 within the spatial events classification 84
О.О. Rybak, Е.А. Rybak, P.А. Мorozova Modeling and prediction of mass balance of mountain glaciers in Central Caucasus under conditions of climate change 93
E.A. Rybalko, N.V. Baranova Development of a simulation model of frost susceptibility spatial distribution on the territory of the Republic of Crimea as applied to viniculture 101
Monitoring of biological systems
V.V. Melnikov, T.N. Klimova, S.M. Ignatyev, I.V. Vdodovich, A.N. Serebrenikov, E.A. Galagovets, S.A. Mazlumyan, Melnik М.А. E.A. Grebneva, L.A. Birukova Biooceanographic characteristics of the Black Sea upwelling of the western Crimea coast in June 2016 106
V.V. Drucker, N.V. Dutova, A.S. Gorshkova Monitoring of autochthonous bacteriophages, a new trophic chain of different biotopes in deep Lake Baikal 115
S.A. Potapov, T.V. Butina, O.I. Belykh The interannual dynamics and vertical distribution of viruslike particles of Lake Baikal 120
Environmental management
V.A. Safonov, N.S. Mamontov, A.A. Voskanyan, N.I. Varminskaya Aerodynamic research of the solar power station “Energy Sevastopol” 125
A.K. Suhov, A.V. Dologlonyan Use of hydrodynamic cavities as a part of the heat-exchanging equipment of the NPP and TPP 133
T.P. Savvateeva, O.A. Savvateeva Safety passport of subjects and municipalities of the Russian Federation territories as means of minimization of technogenic and natural threats 139
Alphabetical index of authors 146