Issue 28


Methods and devices for measuring environmental parameters
V.S. Davidov Research of remote detection of fish accumulations 5
A. N. Grekov, N.A. Grekov, E.N. Sychov Sound velocity profilers and the algorithm for determining the density of water for the oceanographic range 11
V.N. Bondarev, T.L Smetanina Digital pulse neuron model for processing of wave accelerometer sensor signals 16
V.V. Chernyshev, V.V. Arykantsev Underwater walking device tests in water objects of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain conditions 24
Information technologies and management in environmental control systems
V.V. Sevrikov, G.A. Sigora, I.V. Sevrikov Model of influence of ecological and meteorological factors on morbidity of respiratory bodies of population of the Black Sea regions and its socio-economic consequences 30
V.N. Polupanov, S.S. Zhugavlo Modeling of suspended matter transport and deposition using cellular automata 37
A. V. Skatkov, l.A. Balakireva Environmental monitoring systems operational characteristics functional stability ensuring characterized by an arbitrary input data stream 47
N.L. Korepanova, M.A. Lebedeva, L.O. Pavlenko Исследование алгоритмов криптографии в системах контроля окружающей среды . 55
Monitoring of the environment
S.I. Kazakov, A.S. Bohuslavsky, E.M. Letneshko, I.G. Berzova Features of beaches formation of Southern coast of Crimea 65
Published in a discussion form
B. Z. Mavashev The trajectory of hurricane movement “Matthew” and earthquake 74
Climate research
O.V. Marchukova, E.N. Voskresenskaya, A.S. Lubkov Different La Nina types manifestations in the Black Sea region 79
A. B. Polonsky, P.A. Sukhonos Influence of seasonal variations of the flow and temperature fields on tiie advective heat transport in the upper laver of the North Atlantic 86
Monitoring of biological systems
S.M. Ignatiev, V.V. Melnikov, T.N. Klimova, L.A. Melnik, V,V. Gubanov, M.A. Biryukova Summer macro-and ichthyoplankton of Crimea coastal areas in 2016 93
V.G. Scherbinа Dynamics of function systematic criterias in Sochi’s coastal ecosystems 101
Environmental management
E.V. Burkova, D.V. Burkov The creation of environmentally friendly energy-efficient heat generating facilities in reclamation of quarries 110
A.P. Budonyi, L.A. Nichkova, A.N. Skakovskaya, S.A. Gutnik Treatment of sewage from ionic contaminants 114
Leah T. Quality monitoring of zonal soils: gray soils from north of Moldova 118
Alphabetical index of authors 124