Issue 31


Methods and devices for measuring environmental parameters  
P.V. Gaisky Projection of the touch part in measuring channels of temperature for the modern hydrological meters 5
A.N. Grekov, N.A. Grekov, E.N. Sychov Evaluation of uncertainty of measurement of practical salinity in oceanographic research 13
D.A. Antonenkov The photographic method of suspended sediments carrying process recording by using short-time light of test-volume 23
Information technologies and management in environmental control systems
V.V. Melnikov, S.M. Ignatiev, L.A. Melnik, L.A. Eremeev, A.V. Melnik Database for the Black Sea macroplankton 29
A.V. Skatkov, Y.E. Shishkin Data clustering in anomalies detection tasks based on orthogonal filters 36
Yu.V. Sosnovskii Hardware and software system of distributed control of agro-meteorological data 44
Monitoring of the environment
O.A. Stepanova, P.V. Gaisky Dynamics of changes in electric conductivity of marine water under influence of the biotic component in the experimental conditions 48
R.V. Borovskaya,  S.S. Smirnov Survey of the water surface areas of the Crimean hyperhaline lakes using the data from artifical Earth satellites during the period from 2015 to 2016 57
A.T. Kochergin, S.V. Zhukova, Ye.Yu. Malygin Inter–annual variability of salinity and vertical termohaline stability in the different areas of the sea of Azov in summer season of 1992–2016 63
Yu.G. Artemov,  D.B. Evtushenko,  I.N. Moseichenko Localization of gas bubble streams from the bottom of the Laspi Bay 69
Climate research
V.Y. Zhuravsky, E.N. Voskresenskaya Technology of cyclons separarion from global reanalyses data sets on meteorological fields 74
E.V. Vyshkvarkova, V.N. Maslova Precipitation features on the Black Sea coast of Russia in connection with different types of La-Ninja events 79
A.B. Polonsky Response of the Eurasian surface temperature, pressure and precipitation on the Indo-ocean dipole 83
E.A. Rybalko,  N.V. Baranova Agroecological regionalization of the Crimean peninsula for grapes cultivation 90
Monitoring of biological systems
N.A. Andreeva, N.I. Kopytina Suscesses of marine microalgae taxocenes during long-term laboratory cultivation 95
L.V. Stelmakh Cезонная Seasonal variability of specific phytoplankton growth rate in coastal surface waters of the Black Sea 101
Y.R. Shtykova, V.V. Drucker, E.G. Sorokovikova, N.A. Zhuchenko, E.A. Zimens, O.I. Belykh Sanitary-microbiological and toxicological monitoring of lake Baikal. Part 1: water area of the Maloe More in 2016 110
Environmental management
A.V. Dologlonyan, A.K. Sukhov, I.N. Stacenko Research of potential of seasonal accumulation of cold during the operation of photoelectric panels at night 115
R.R. Daminev,  L.R. Asfandiyarova,  G.V. Yunusova,  I.V. Ovsyannikova Determination of the toxicity of the soil coat of technogenic zones by the example of the city with development industry 120
N.I. Matova Methodological aspects of sociological research of degree, prospects and institutional preconditions of development of green tourism in Russia. Part II: Environmental considerations realized by tourists. Factors of environmental friendliness of behaviour 125
Kucherik G.V., Omelchuk Yu.А. Analysis of possibilities of underground water application of Crimea or recycling water supply of enterprises of the region 133
Alphabetical index of authors 140