Issue 42


Scientific basis of environmental and climate monitoring methods
I.A. Korneva, О.О. Rybak. Climate projections for central Caucasus (CORDEX experiment results) 5
A.B. Polonsky, P.A. Sukhonos. Analysys of the influence of Atlantic-European large-scale atmospheric modes on win-ter anomalies of the surface air temperature in the Black sea-Caspian region 13
V.P. Evstigneev, V.A. Naumova, D.Yu.Voronin, M.P. Evstigneev. The rationale for the construction of an adaptive regional climate monitoring system 20
A.B. Fedotov Long-period variability of ocean circulation at different intensity of wind impact 29
Methods for monitoring the natural environment and man-made objects
O.A. Stepanova, P.V. Gaisky, S.A. Sholar. Changes in infectious titer of Black sea algal virus of the microalgae tetraselmis viridis under the influence of a constant magnetic field 35
P.V. Gaisky. The influence of light and sound on the behavioral responses of sea and fresh water mussels 40
V.V. Trusevich, V.Yu. Zhuravskiy, E.V. Vyshkvarkova, K.A. Kuzmin, V.Zh. Mishurov. Biomarkers of behavioral reactions of mussels in automated biomonitoring systems under conditions of aquatic environment pollution by drill cuttings and oil hydrocarbons 50
Technical means of environmental monitoring systems
A.V. Skatkov, A.A. Bryukhovetsky, D.V. Moiseev. Investigation of a model of probabilistic automata for detecting changes in the state of resources of autonomous measurement systems 58
Systems of environmental monitoring
V.G. Scherbina. Analysis of the parameters of springtail communities in the foothill forest ecosystems of the Sochi Black sea region 65
P.D. Lomakin, S.S. Zhugailo, B.N. Panov, A.I. Chepyzhenko, A.A. Chepyzhenko. The main objects of anthropogenic impact on the Kerch strait water environment according to hydrooptical and hydro-chemical observation data 75
I.I. Kazankova, M.M. Bayrite. Аnalisis of the changes in the concentration of ammonium nitrogen in water with the young mussels contained in aeriated non-flowing conditions in food insufficiency 86
N.A. Andreeva, E.A. Grebneva. Composition analysis of phytoplankton microalgae in various water areas of the Black sea near the Crimean peninsula 93
Algorithmic and software support in environmental monitoring systems
B.A. Skorohod, P.V. Zhiyakov, A.V. Statsenko, S.I. Fateev. Algorithms for constructing 3d images of objects in problems of underwater robotics 101
Information and metrological reliability of environmental monitoring systems
V.A. Gaisky. Reliability and accuracy of systems of the natural environment control. Part 3 111
A.B. Polonsky, A.V. Torbinskii, A.V. Gubarev. Verification of reanalysis data for the tropical zone of the Indian ocean. Part 2. Characteristics of the averaged seasonal cycle and interannual variability 119
V.I. Shvetsova. Assessment of human operator reliability in ergatic systems of monitoring and protection of environmental objects 127
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