Issue 27


Methods and devices for measuring environmental parameters
V.A. Gaysky, P.V. Gaysky Determination of characteristics of the field of internal waves on measurements with distributed thermoprofilemeters 6
A. N. Grekov, N.A. Grekov, E.N. Sychov The new equation for calculation the density of sea water from measurements of the speed of sound 12
S.A. Sholar Comparative analysis of the applicability piezoelectric and piezore-sistive sensor to measure shock wave loads 19
N.N. Dyakov, Yu.A. Malchenko, S.A. Bobrova, A.I. Ryabinin, A.E. Lipchenko, V.V. Taranov Using the meter small-angle dispersity in automated systems continuous monitoring particle size distribution of aerosols 24
L.A. Krasnodubets, D.A. Djachenko, V.C. Kulik The sea autonomous profiler with controlled buoyancy 31
A.N. Lukin, P.G. Rodimcev, N.B. Eskin Monitoring of the geomagnetic field variations at the high- mountain biospheric station «Dzhuga» and forecasting of natural disasters and extreme weather 35
Information technologies and management in environmental control systems
E.M. Shalimova Features of construction control subsystem in distributed systems of environmental monitoring 44
A.V. Skatkov, D.Y. Voronin, LA. Skatkov Features of degradation faults modeling of initial measurers of monitoring systems 48
K.S. Tkachenko, A.A. Skidan Statistical estimation of hypotheses probabilities for monitoring tasks of nodal traffic state 57
A.V. Skatkov, LA. Balakireva Guaranteed evaluation of operating characteristics of quality environmental monitoring systems 66
Monitoring of the environment
A. B. Polonsky, A.N. Serebrennikov Low-frequency variability of the wind field, geostrophic velocities and ocean surface temperature in Сanary upwelling according to satellite data 75
V.V. Trusevich, K.A. Kuzmin, V.J. Mishurov Biomonitoring of the surface water quality with use of fresh water bivalvia moluscs 83
Climate research
A.S. Lubkov, E.N. Voskresenskaya, O.V. Marchukova Recent El-Nino classification and associated climate response comparisons for the Atlantic-Eurasian region 94
R.V. Borovskaya Investigations of the Azov sea ice conditions and assessment of their impact on fishery parameters in winter 2014-2015 using the earth artificial satellites 101
E.A. Averyanova Low-frequency variability of balance precipitation-evporation at ocean-atmosphere boundary in the Atlantic ocean 107
Monitoring of biological systems
L.V. Stelmakh Seasonal dynamics of the main primary production characteristics of phytoplankton and its microzooplankton grazing in the surface coastal waters of the Black sea 114
N.A. Andreeva, E.A. Grebneva Algoflora of Donuzlav gulf (expedition materials of HS “Donuzlav” in June 7-10, 2016) 121
A. V. Romashin Features of bat diversity monitoring in Sochi National Park 127
Environmental management
I. V. Agarkova-Lyakh, I.Yu. Tamoikin Preliminary results of field observation and analysis of recreation load on the sea coastal zone (on the example of the beach “Vasileva balka”, Sevastopol) 131
V.A. Safonov, N.I. Varminskaya, N.S. Mamontov, A.A. Voskanyan Experimental research of a rotary wind turbine with vanes in solar power station “Energy Sevastopol” 141
K.G. Pugin, V.K. Pugina Mathematical modeling of pollutant emissions for the expansion of methods of disposal of industrial waste 146
N.V. Fomina Proteolytic activity of soils from the use biosorbents 151
Alphabetical index of authors 155