Issue 34


The publication “Monitoring systems of environment” is 20 years old 5
Methods and devices for measuring environmental parameters
P.V. Gaisky, A.V. Shlik Results of trial operation of the experimental bioelectronic complex “Biopost” 6
 S.А. Sholar, M.E. Lee Optical contact methods of monitoring the hydrosphere and their possible use in new scientific direction 17
A.V. Dologlonyan, A.K. Sukhov Estimation of the time of immersion/emersion of diving buoys with approximate model 27
A.N. Ramazin Evaluation of calibration and measurement uncertainty of temperature sensors of CTD-probe “Sea Bird” 33
L.A. Krasnodubets Improvement of dynamic measurements based on local optimization 43
Information technologies and management in environmental control systems
Melnikov V.V., Andreeva N.A., Melnik L.A. Information and analytical system for the storage and processing of monitoring data of the Black Sea marine microoranisms 48
Y.E. Shishkin, A.V. Skatkov Mobile cloud micro services actor model of monitoring 56
Y.E. Shishkin, A.N. Grekov The concept of automated environmental monitoring intellectual system based on compact autonomous robots 63
Monitoring of the environment
E.S. Kashirina, E.I. Golubeva Recreational monitoring of the Great Sevastopol trails 70
N.Yu. Mirzoyeva Estimation of the sedimentation and mass accumulation rates in the aquatoria of “Cape Martyan” (the Black Sea, the Crimea) using dating of bottom sediments of Lake Krasnoe (the Crimea Perekopskaya Group) 75
A.N. Serebrennikov Updated technique for definition of coastal upwelling indices from satellite data 83
Climate research
 A.B. Polonsky, A.V. Torbinskii Influence of the Indian-Ocean dipole on danube summer run off of the river Danub 89
A.S. Lubkov, E.N. Voskresenskaya, O.V. Marchukova, V.Y. Zhuravsky El Niño manifestations in the Black Sea region 94
О.О. Rybak, Е.А. Rybak, I.A. Korneva, P.A. Morozova, V.V. Popovnin Equilibrium configurations of Djankuat glacier in various climatic conditions 102
A.M. Novikova, A.B. Polonsky Inter-decadal variability of the Black Sea surface and cold intermediate layer temperature 110
E.A. Rybalko,  N.V. Baranova Trends analysis of changes in the climatic conditions of the Republic of Crimea for advanced mapping of locations suitable for vineyards establishment 116
Monitoring of biological systems
O.A. Stepanova Results of the monitoring of the Black Sea algal viruses from the bays of Sevastopol and other Crimean bays (2002–2018) 122
 V.G. Scherbina Recreational stability of ecosystems of the oak formation of Sochi region 128
A.T. Kochergin Influence of interannual variability of hydrometeorological characteristics on the death of hydrobionts during fish kill events in the Belosaray Bay of the Sea of Azov in the summer seasons of 1989-2016 133
 Yu. A. Uss, B.N. Krasheninnikov, V.T. Minligareev Study of paramagnetic properties of total lipids of marine organisms 138
Environmental management
V.T. Matviienko, A.V. Dologlonyan, V.A. Ocheretyanyi Principles of creation of the electroheatgenerating complex of municipal energy 143
G.A.Sigora, Т.V.Lyashko, L.A.Nichkova, T.Yu.Khomenko Dynamics of pollution by nitrate-ions of springs of Sevastopol city 150
Alphabetical index of authors 157