Issue 40


Scientific basis of environmental and climate monitoring methods
G.A. Sigora, T.Yu. Khomenko, L.A. Nichkova. Development of methodo-logical support of environmental monitoring of ground waters of the Sevastopol region 5
A.B. Polonsky, A.V. Torbinskii, A.V. Gubarev. Identification of formation mechanisms of Indian Ocean dipole 13
V.N. Maslova, E.N. Voskresenskaya, A.V. Yurovsky. Quasi-periodic vari-ability of total and intense cyclonic activity in the Вlack Sea region in 1951–2017 19
P.D. Lomakin, A.I. Chepyzhenko, E.A. Grebneva. Structure of fields of oceanological quantities in the Kamyshovaya bay (Crimea) in November 2019 29
Methods for monitoring the natural environment and man-made objects
R.V. Borovskaya, S.S. Smirnov. Technology of water surface area calcula-tion using data received from artificial satellites of Sentinel-2 series, and its im-plementation for determination of the surface areas of the Crimean saline lakes 36
P.A. Ponomarenko, I.G. Tananaev, S.D. Strekalov, M.A. Frolova. Generalization of the acquired experience of monitoring the air parameters in the experimental channels of the RR-100 research nuclear reactor 44
L.L. Smyrnova. Testing of shipbuilding materials at various depths of the Black Sea: technical equipment, control of the deep water environment parameters, prospects for development (review) 54
V.P. Rudnev. Determination of the aggressiveness of the factors of subtropics coastal environment of the Russian Federation towards construction materials 62
Technical means of environmental monitoring systems
P.V. Gaisky. Practical aspects of implementation of electrode sensor for liquid electric conductivity 72
I.A. Kirovskaya, P.E. Nor. Materials for diagnostics of impurities of car-bon monoxide in the environment 82
Systems of environmental monitoring
P.V. Gaisky, O.A. Stepanova. Behavioral responses of freshwater bivalve mussel Unio pictorum to a number of common abiotic chemical contaminants 87
N.O. Znobishcheva, T.Kh. Galiev, R.R. Khatmullina, I.V. Ovsyannikova, A.A. Islamutdinova. Study of the toxylogical status of surface waters of the Ash-kadar river using biotesting methods 97
N.A. Andreeva. Economitoring of annual dynamics of composition and periphyton biomass of the coastal shallows of the Sevastopol region 102
E.S. Kashirina, A.A. Novikov, E.I. Golubeva, A.M. Novikova. Assessing Sevastopol greenery level using remote sensing 108
Metrological support of environmental monitoring systems
A.N. Grekov, N.A. Grekov, E.N. Sychev. Metrological support of acoustic measuring devices in the medium frequency range 117
Algorithmic and software support in environmental monitoring systems
A.V. Skatkov, A.A. Bryukhovetsky, D.V. Moiseev. Adaptation of mecha-nisms of artificial immune systems to control environmental parameters 127
A.B. Polonsky, A.A. Valle. Determination of the seasonal course and trends of the dissolved oxygen concentration and temperature in the upper layer of a deep water part of the Black Sea according to modern data 134
Information and metrological reliability of environmental monitoring systems
V.A. Gaisky. Reliability and accuracy of systems of the natural environ-ment control. Part 1 144
Alphabetical index of authors 151