Issue 36


Methods and devices for measuring environmental parameters
L.R. Grigoryan, N.M. Bogatov, A.L. Grigoryan, V.V. Anisimova. Practice of building recorders geophysical signals 5
S.A. Sholar, O.A. Stepanova, L.V. Stelmach.The use of experimental laboratory stand for the study of optical properties of the aquatic medium in the presence of microbiota 13
A.N. Grekov, N.A. Grekov, E.N. Sychov, K.A. Kuzmin. Development of in situ acoustic instruments for the aquatic environment study 22
Information technologies and management in environmental control systems
B.A. Skorohod, A.V. Statsenko, S.I. Fateev. Preprocessing and algorithms selection key points in the problem of simultaneous 3d reconstruction of underwater objects and constructing the camera movement 30
Y.E. Shishkin, A.V. Skatkov. Intelligent system for adaptive selection of scenarios for parametric monitoring data divergence detection 37
A.M. Lyakh. Unique semantic numbers of biological collection items for databases 43
Monitoring of the environment
D. Lomakin. Evaluation of the possibility of using of links between optical satellite data for content analysis of dissolved organic substance in the Kerch Strait 51
N.A. Andreeva, Е.А. Grebneva. Influence of hydro-hydrochemical factors on on the biodiversity of phytoplankton in the coastal aquatoria Black Sea with enhanced an-thropogenous pollution 58
A.B. Polonsky, A.N. Serebrennikov. About low-frequency change of wind fields and geostrophic flows of the Black Sea on satellite data. Part 1: Season cycle 64
Climate research
A.S. Lubkov, O.V. Marchukova, E.N. Voskresenskay. Temperature anomalies in europe during the cold period of the year due to ENSO 73
A.A. Stefanovich, E.N. Voskresenskaya. Bioclimatic assessment of the comfort recreational conditions of Crimea 81
A.B. Polonsky, A.V. Torbinsky. Critical layer in equatorial-tropical zone and Indian Ocean dipole 88
Monitoring of biological systems
L.V.  Stelmakh, O.A.  Stepanova. Influence of virus infection on the growth of green algae Tetraselmis viridis in culture 93
A.V. Melnik, Ju.B. Belogurova. Seasonal variability of the bioluminescence field off the coastal area of the Caucasus in the period of 2018 100
A.M. Ostrovsky. Fauna and distribution of woodlice (Crustacea: Isopoda: Oniscidea) in the city of Gomel 107
Environmental management
O.V. Samsonova, G.A. Sigora, V.V. Sevrikov, L.A. Nichkova, I.V. Sevrikov. Influence of environment on respiratory system infection rate among population of seaboard and continental regions 117
R.Yu. Zakharov, N.E. Volkova. Environmental assessment of possibility of use of purified effluents of sewage treatment plant of the settlement Sovetsky for irrigation purposes 126
V.G. Scherbina. Dynamics of vital condition of tree stand of oak formation in the recreational zone of the Sochi region 135
S.A. Gutnik, V.S. Gutnik, L.A. Nichkova. Estimation of traffic noise parameters along the road Sevastopol – Yalta – Simferopol 142
Alphabetical index of authors 146