Issue 38


Methods and devices for measuring environmental parameters
Gaisky P.V. Upgrade of electronic unit of laboratory device «Environment» 5
Mironov A.S., Grekov A.N., Kuzmin K.A. Compact system  for  sub-satellite  measurements of  surface wave  directional wave  spectrum  and  surface velocity  fields 11
Burtseva L.V., Golubeva N.I., Konkova E.S. Development of quality assurance methods of heavy metal measurements in the atmospheric air and precipitations in the integrated background monitoring system of roshydromet
Published in a discussion form
Klimenko A.V., Kuzmin K.A. Study of the effect of noise reduction in the temperature measuring channel based on six-armed bridge 27
Information technologies and management in environmental control systems
Gaisky V.A., Gaisky P.V. Multidimensional harmonic analysis of fourier for measurements of marine environment  33
Skatkov, A.A. Bryukhovetskiy, D.V. Moiseev, Shishkin Iu.E. Discriminant approach to detect anomalies using Markov sequences 43
Yaitskaya N.A. Concept of creation of geoinformation system “Glaciers of the Central and Western Caucasus” 50
Evstigneev V.P.,  Voronin D.Yu., Skatkov A.V., Tacyi Yu.V. Increasing the operability of environmental monitoring by data mining of info-communication processes 54
Monitoring of the environment
Lomakin P.D., Chepyzhenko A.I. Currents and fields of the total suspended matter and dissolved organic matter content in the waters of the Sevastopol seaside in August 2019 60
Zhuravsky V.Y., Voskresenskaya E.N., Trusevich V.V.,  Lubkov A.S. Statistical data processing for automation of aquatic biomonitoring in the Black Sea region 66
Rybak O.O., Rybak E.A., Korneva I.A. Description of snow transport and accumulation in  mathematical model of surface mass balance of  mountain glacier. Part II. Parameterization of avalanche feeding 72
Climate research
Averyanova E.A., Gubarev A.V., Polonsky A.B. On wind stress curl season variability over the Black Sea 81
Maslova V.N., Voskresenskaya E.N., Yurovsky A.V., Bardin M.Yu. Annual regime and seasonal change of cyclone parameters in the Black Sea-mediterranean region in 1951–2017 91
Polonsky A.B., Zheleznyak M.I. Wind-wave and lithodymanic conditions off the west coast of Crimea. Part 2: Projections on the 21-st century 99
Fedotov A.B. Long-term oceanic circulation in a two-layer ocean forced by the changing 108
Monitoring of biological systems
Fedorova D.G., Nazarova N.M. Perspectives of using deciduous perennial trees and shrubs in biomonitoring of the urban environment (Orenburg, Russia) 114
Stepanova O.A. Isolation of algal viruses of Tetraselmis viridis and Phaeodactylum tricornutum from bottom sediments off the coast of Crimea and South-West Russia 123
Stelmakh L.V., Mansurova L.V. Estimation of red auto-fluorescence of chlorophyl a in dinoflagellates by luminescent microscopy 128
Mashukova O.V., Skuratovskaya E.N. Implementation of test-organisms for assessment of the marine pollution level 135
Environmental management
Popov A.L., Razhnikov S.V. The automated workplace of the operator of the integrated system of emergency notification to the population in crisis situations 145
Shtripling L.O., Bazhenov V.V., Bazhenova N.S. Development of a method to localize and identify the source of excessive emissions with the aim of improving the efficiency of state supervision in the field of protection of atmospheric air 152
Scherbina V.G. Dynamics of weakened trees in the hornbeam ecosystems under the complex influence of anthropogenic factors 162
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